Who we are

Millennium Training Centre is a leading educational provider across many business disciplines. The Centre plays a vital role in providing administrative training and development coupled with financial consultations for enterprises empowering them to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Our success is derived from our commitment to excellence in delivering high end services and training programs through an experienced team of professional consultants and a state of the art technologies.

Our Vision

To be the top destination for providing innovative training solutions and professional career development.

Our Mission

Delivering top notch training programs and services to achieve an intellectual and fulfilling learning experience in a high tech environment.

Our Values
  • Credibility: We strive to earn enduring credibility with our learners, which we believe is essential to long-term personal and business relationships.
  • Integrity: We conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty as individuals, as teams, and as a center.
  • Confidentiality: We protect the confidentiality of customer’s data and information in accordance with applicable laws and contractual agreements.
  • Quality of services: We are committed to delivering service quality and value to our clients
  • Client’s relationships: We strive to become a trusted partner for our business clients.

Our Methodology

Continuous Evaluation:
  • Monitor global changes
  • Conduct group polling
  • Study trainees characteristics
  • Explore community trends
  • Establish scientific bases for delivering training
  • Pre-test evaluation
  • Post-test evaluation
  • Provide training activities
  • Conduct case studies
  • Trainers’ notes

Designing the training program:

The program is designed in line with the following criteria:
  • Assessing organizational training needs to determine the training goals.
  • Consider scientific basis for delivering training programs.
  • Deliver tailor made training solution based on target group requirements.
  • Observe trends and characteristics of the local community.
  • Conduct surveys and implement best international practices in this field.

Implementation and delivering the training program:

The implementation phase includes:
  • Analyzing training needs through surveys and interviews with key
    Organizational decision-makers.
  • Identifying training needs and design targeted training programs.
  • Categorizing trainees according to specialization and training needs.
  • Introducing the program to targeted trainees and explain the set objectives, training and evaluation criteria.
  • Conduct the training program with a set schedule for each learning group accompanied by continuous supervision to ensure proper implementation.
  • Conducting surveys at the end of each training day.
  • Continuously update training programs to meet training requirements without compromising quality standards and program design.
The program will be delivered through the following methods:
  • Interactive learning workshops (collaborative learning – brainstorming – training activities and other modern learning methods).
  • Educational and mini-projects.
  • Role-playing and classroom games.
  • Coaching sessions.
  • Immediate practical applications and case study reviews.
  • Research and surveys.

Training evaluation:

This phase aims to measure the impact and effectiveness of the training program in improving trainees’ efficiency through the following mediums:
  • Tasks and training activities provided during the training process.
  • Short-examinations, pre and post the training program.
  • Conducting a final exam for all units.
  • Evaluation test for trainees.
  • A case study for each trainee.
  • Recording observations by the trainers for each trainee.

Customized Programs

Training programs are tailor made solutions organized for a selected group of staff members based on the organization’s training gaps and requirements. These training program are the result of an existing issue or situation. Our team of expertise conducts a diagnostic study to identify the organizational training needs, which makes these programs more realistic due to its relevance with the nature and conditions of the trainees’ job and professional development.

In addition, these training programs enable the right environment through familiarizing participants with each others at the beginning of the program helping them to work together as team. This results in a more effective involvement in the program and other related activities.

Such programs can be implemented at the Training Center within the company or organization (If they have the right facilities), or can be implemented in external locations as agreed with the organization.

Professional Training Programs and Short Training Courses

This consists of the varied training programs which has been designed by our team of experts in accordance with approved strategies and model designs adopted. The training programs and workshops are designed for all management levels and career professionals. They are usually offered according to a regular schedule announced for all target groups.

Professional Certificates Exam Preparations

These are highly specialized courses to qualify the candidates to sit for professional certificates exams.