Program Overview

A fundamental component of reward management and HR is a grade and basic salary structure, and these are often taken for granted. Rather than make changes, HR and reward professionals try to fit the ever-changing needs of their employees into a system that may not have been reviewed for many years.

The course will touch on all areas of reward management, including grade structures, salary structures and pay scales, allowances, pay reviews, bonus and incentive schemes, benefits, and non-financial reward opportunities such as recognition and retention schemes.

  • Increase business performance and employee effectiveness by implementing compensation and reward systems that attract, retain and motivate staff
  • Align your basic salary structures and grades, and compensation and reward systems to your business
  • objectives and HR strategy
  • Implement a grading system with a basic salary structure and pay scheme, and update your existing compensation structures
  • Develop solutions for your own compensation and reward issues and challenges based on practical case studies.
Program content
  • Defining a Pay Policy for Employee Compensation
  • Matching Pay Structures to Organizational Objectives
  • The Role of Job Evaluation
  • Developing Grading and Salary Structures
  • The Role of Market Salary Surveys
  • Designing Salary Pay Scale and Compensation Structures
  • Implementing New Grading and Salary Structures
  • Performance Management and The Goal of Linking Pay to Performance
  • Managing Performance and Linking Pay with Performance Via Merit-Pay
  • The Role of Variable Pay Schemes
  • The Role of Recognition Programmers
  • The Role of Retention Programs
Who should attend

This course is designed for everyone who requires an in-depth knowledge of working with and managing salary structures and compensation and reward issues, including all professionals who work in HR at all career levels.