Program Overview

This course aims at introducing the management of businesses and the concept of skills and techniques. This course focuses on general standards, rules and performance measurement indicators for the management of corporate departments, in addition to managing the organizational structure.


A complete overview of the concept of the company about its systems and various types, and the importance of the working environment. In addition, this course will explain the strategic marketing and planning in the production system and how the financial structure of the company works and ways to calculate the ratios of investment and financing.

Program content
  • Module 1: The Nature of the Company.
  • Module 2: The Company and the Business Environment.
  • Module 3: Management and Organization.
  • Module 4: Management of the Marketing Function.
  • Module 5: Productive Function Management.
  • Module 6: Management of the Business Function.
  • Module 7: Management of the Human Resources Function.
Who should attend
  • Employees working in business posts.
  • Newly assigned managers and team leaders.
  • Business owners.