Program Overview

This course focuses on the strategic aspect of organization management. It emphasizes strategic planning and the creation of comprehensive business strategies that can derive organization sustainability and growth & development.

  • Identifies the definition of strategy and strategic process.
  • Recognize the levels of strategy.
  • Identifies the elements of business vision.
  • Identifies the mission and objectives.
  • Identifies the strategic group’s analysis.
  • To perform SWOT matrix.
Program content
  • Module 1: Business Strategy.
  • Module 2: Vision, Mission and Objectives.
  • Module 3: Stakeholders or interest groups.
  • Module 4: External Analysis.
  • Module 5: Internal analysis.
  • Module 6: Strategic choice
Who should attend
  • Employees working in business posts.
  • Newly assigned managers and team leaders.
  • Business owners.