We offer a wide range of marketing & sales courses tailored to meet your specific needs, and designed to improve sales revenue, brand awareness, marketing strategies and planning, digital marketing skills, and how to formulate a marketing campaign using different channels and tools.

Digital Marketing

Participant will learn different digital channels of communication and how to perform and plan digital campaigns.

Sales Management

Participant will gain awareness, develop and update their knowledge and competitive strategies, in addition, will establish contact with executives in other sectors and industries.

Sales Negotiations

Participants will arrive at the negotiating table fully prepared to conduct a successful negotiation and will learn to maintain positive customer relationships.

Fundamental of marketing

Participants will learn the basic principles of marketing and strategic planning to analyze, identify and create SWOT analysis and SMART goals.

Marketing Strategies and Sales

Participants will know how to analyze types of competition and monopoly and will be able to attract customers, also will gain skills in recognizing sales specifications.

Public Relation

This course designed for PR employees to enhance their skills and develop better career in PR.

Planning for Key Accounts

The course provides a strong focus on quantitative approaches to account planning best practices.

Dynamic selling

The course is designed for individuals at any level in Marketing and Sales or non-marketing professionals interested in understanding how they affect Advanced selling techniques

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