Program Overview

The concept of marketing and selling is often confused as marketing is often misinterpreted and misused. Many people find that marketing is synonymous with selling, promoting, or advertising.

The misunderstanding here is since the market has evolved from the beginning of the concept of marketing until the first quarter of the twentieth century was the focus of the market on production. Then the marketing method changed from the concept of sale to the customer, and new concepts emerged such as product variation, customer service and quality of service. This training program designed to introduce the participants to the concepts and strategies of marketing and sales. In addition to the skills needed to differentiate between sales and marketing.

  • Provide participants with the concept of marketing and how to define its role.
  • Stands on the environment of competition, which refers to the number and forms of competitors who are in the market.
  • Analyze types of competition and monopoly.
  • Know how to get customers.
  • Recognize the sales specification.
  • The sales staff learn and connect what they have learned in communication skills and customer service skills to the art of selling.
Program content
  • Marketing concept
  • Marketing mix elements
  • Steps to prepare the marketing plan
  • What are the marketing strategies?
  • Identify customer needs
  • Customer care
  • Key Selling Responsibilities & Ways to Increase Sales
  • How to be a distinctive seller
Who should attend
  • All administrative segments interested in the marketing sector.
  • Marketing and PR staff in the public and private sectors.
  • Sales officers, marketing and sales representatives, advertising and advertising.
  • Reception staff and public service.