Program Overview

Sales Negotiations program designed to help you build confidence and skill in negotiating with customers with whom you have ongoing sales relationships. The programs concept strategies, tactics and skills are specifically tailored to sales context, in which, in most negotiations, you must achieve two goals at the same time:


  • You must maintain a positive relationship with your customer
  • You must represent the best interests of your company
  • Arrive at the negotiating table fully prepared to conduct a successful negotiation.
  • Use your negotiation style advantage in negotiations.
  • Effectively apply research-based knowledge, skills and tactics to sales negotiations.
  • Represent the interests of your company in negotiations, while maintaining positive customer relationships.
  • Handle tough negotiations skillfully.
Program content
  • Avoiding classic negotiation mistakes
  • Knowing myself and my customer in a negotiation
  • Preparing for and conducting the negotiation
  • Power and challenges in negotiation
  • Negotiation simulation
Who should attend
  • Sales professionals
  • Sales managers
  • Account executives
  • Contract negotiators and anyone involved in negotiation processes