Program Overview

This subject is concerned with aspects of development, implementation and management of projects. The topics covered are: Applying the leadership services model, redefining the role of the project leader, defining team development framework, planning for a team-driven project, implementing through productive team leadership and enhancing team performance.

  • Develop the leadership skills to build and sustain high-performing project teams
  • Understand the concepts, objectives and functions of project management
  • Develop effective team performance through the Leadership Services Model (LSM)
  • Build a strong team identity through vision, purpose and commitment
  • Foster positive and productive team communication and define ground rules
  • Protect the team and convert conflicts into advantages that promote high performance
  • Have good knowledge of methods for implementing
Program content
  • Introduction to Project Implementation and Management
  • Applying the Leadership Services Model
  • Defining the Team Development Framework
  • Planning for a Team-Driven Project
  • Implementing through Productive Team Leadership
  • Enhancing Team Performance
  • Project Development and cycle
  • Project implementation and tendering
  • Contract administration
  • Site management and related issues
  • Health and safety in projects
  • Project review and termination
Who should attend
  • Mid-career professionals who seek to further develop their project
  • management skills
  • Employees seeking to establish themselves as Professionals
  • Managers seeking to dramatically improve their professional standing
  • Professionals seeking to advance their career and demand better salaries