Technical Track Training Program

When a new team member starts working in any organisation, it is vital to get them to become productive and efficient as quickly as possible. Staff induction training forms a pivotal part in this process .Many research shows that proper induction and training program helps new joiner to adapt fast to the working environment and be more productive.

Program Overview

We at Millennium Training Center looking to match job opportunities to the job seekers through our unique program for training and recruitment program. This course designed to rehabilitate the job seekers to join the workforce. It is highly customized based on the employer needs and requirements.

Aims & Objective

This program aims to to give the necessary skills and knowledge to the job seekers in order to prepare them to the challenges of working environment and help them to find solutions to overcome these issues. Moreover, this program helps to reduce turnover rate and increase employees retention.

Types of Technical Training Program

1.New Administration Employees Induction Program:

This program designed to introduce the new joiner for Administration position to have the necessary skills and knowledge for this position. Also, the program has a 60 Hours of on job training. It consists of four main programs

  • Business English
  • Finance for the Non-Finance Employees.
  • Human Resources Procedures and Policies.
  • Marketing Strategies and Sales.
2. Secretarial Induction Program:

This program designed to introduce the participant to the basic skills needed to secretary job. The program includes Business correspondence, Customer Services, Report Writing and Interpersonal Skills.

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