Program Overview

Marketing is a core element in any organization, as it is the main tool for communication between the customer and the company. Marketing principle allows the development of an organizational strategy that would guide the company not only towards sales but also to offer more solution that fulfills market needs. Marketing if implemented well can lead to great achievements. This training program aims to introduce the participants to the basic marketing skills and principles.

  • Participants will learn the basic principles of marketing
  • Define the term marketing and explain its role and importance in an individual firm and the overall economy
  • Understand the importance of strategic marketing and know the basic outline for a marketing plan
  • Describe the elements of the marketing research
  • Create and present the components of a working marketing plan
Program content
  • Module 1: Introduction to Marketing
  • Module 2: Market, demand, and competition
  • Module 3: Consumer behavior
  • Module 4: Marketing research
  • Module 5: Marketing strategy planning
Who should attend

If you are newly appointed to a marketing function or within another function wanting to understand your relationship with the marketing department and help them to contribute more to the marketing strategy, this is the workshop for you. Directors and managers of smaller firms will gain an insight into the value of marketing for their situation.