Program Overview

Every organization or company seeking to develop employees’ level of performance to achieve a high rate of efficiency, so the program is designed to provide Essential Project Management knowledge and skills.

  • This course is designed with more illustrated of the technique together with practical examples.
  • The students are expected to participate in the discussions.
  • The course will highlight the role of owners in overcoming risks.
  • The approach to identify, analyze and reduce risk will be discussed. Techniques to reduce the impact will be highlighted.
Program content
  • Overview of Project Management: Introduction and Key Concepts in Project Management.
  • Reasons why Project Management is required.
  • Project Management Framework and Process Groups.
  • Project and Product Life Cycles.
  • Organizational Impact: Approaches in Organizational structure and its impact.
  • Functional vs. Project based & Matrix Structure.
  • Understanding process in each knowledge area: Project Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, Project Quality Management, Project HR Management, Project Communication Management, Project Risk Management, Project Procurement Management.
  • Understanding the importance and utilization of Scope statement, Scheduling techniques, Cost baseline, Quality Assurance, Communications Plan.
Who should attend
  • Mid-career professionals who seek to further develop their project management skills.
  • Employees seeking to establish themselves as Professionals.
  • Employees seeking to establish themselves as Professionals.
  • Professionals seeking to advance their career and demand better salaries.