Program Overview

The course offers a wide variety of authentic sources. It uses systematic development of all four language skills through realistic challenging tasks which encourage the learner’s personal engagement. It involves lexical exercises, stimulating reading and listening tasks, a wide range of speaking activities, and practice on various types of writing.

  • Improve Listening and Speaking skills.
  • Enhance Reding Comprehension.
  • Learn to write letter attractively.
Program content
  • Module One: Starter Unit
  • Module Two: Fit for life
  • Module Three: Going out
  • Module Four: Fast forwards
  • Module Five: My Home is My Castle
  • Module Six: While There’s Life, There’s Hope
  • Module Seven: Travel Broadens the Mind
  • Module Eight: Earth is Dearer than Gold
Who should attend

The qualification is suitable for learners aged 18 years and above. This course is designed for secondary level learners at CEF B1 level.